Monterey Friends of CG Jung


We are a group of people dedicated to creating a broader and deeper appreciation of analytical psychology, created by C.G. Jung. In our times of unprecedented change, we feel the urgency of re-examining our personal and collective narratives.

We are committed to exploring, as did Jung, the forces that contribute to the destruction of Life and to its renewal in Wholeness.

We meet regularly, sharing an enthusiasm for the philosophy and practices of depth psychology. Our meetings include presentations, discussions, and other programs.


We are now cautiously meeting in a hybrid fashion. While a portal will remain open to the enchanted world of ZOOM, we are now meeting again in the Monterey’s historical McGowan House -where we’ve held our meetings for the past 20 years! Digital avatars are invited to connect every Thursday at 7 pm with real [vaccinated] people. Please contact us to request a Zoom invite or voice your interest for joining in-person. You are still encouraged to donate online to help us cover our costs.


  • Jung on Mob Mentalities —with John Dotson (January 20, 2022)
  • Legacy Series Reading Group: James Hillman’s Re-Visioning Psychology (January 27, 2022)
  • 19th Century Spiritualism—Talk Circle (February 3, 2022)

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The book studies are open. And since the material is quite dense, the group is progressing rather slowly: it’s all about the great discussions! Please contact us if you want to catch up and join in.

We are starting a new book: The Psychology of the Transference, C.G. Jung

“In this seminal work Jung describes the psychology of the transference in terms of the symbolism of alchemy and the illustration to the Rosarium philosophorum.” We will discuss Jung’s interpretation of the Rosarium philosophorum, a set of twenty wood block prints from the 16th century. While there are twenty prints, Jung limited his discussion to the first ten. By analyzing all twenty, we will attempt to gain additional insight into alchemical processes, and perhaps have a broader understanding of the individuation process and the purpose of alchemy.


We are also reading Re-Visioning Psychology, James Hillman

In 1975, James Hillman published Re-Visioning Psychology, which is perhaps his most important book, and certainly constitutes one of the main texts in archetypal psychology. A “groundbreaking classic exploring the necessity of connections between our life and soul and developing the main lines of the soul-making process.”


Here are some of the talks hosted by the Monterey Friends of CG Jung.


Visit our online archive: a recollection of our Thursday lectures and workshops. Get involved, voice your opinion or simlpy share your insights!