Help Misha's family escape War Zone in Ukraine


raised of a $2,000 goal

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine grinds on, an oportunity to help a long time friend of our association, Misha, whose family is directly impacted by the conflict.

Long time friend of the association, Misha’s world shattered when Russia attacked a nearby military base in the east to what at the time was seen as the relative safety of western Ukraine. This pushed his sister, Galya, to start a harrowing cross-country journey from her home. She is traveling with her daughter-in-law and two young grandchildren.

Misha’s displaced family is now in Germany and, as other Refugees from Ukraine, they are expecting to settle in gyms, ware houses, etc. As they will need to find a place to stay or continue their journey, and as their funds are limited, we decided to use our platform to send their way some support.

Thank you.

Update 03/25

Misha’s sister Galya, her daughter-in-law and grandkids are in Aachen, Germany.  Staying at a hotel, they are now seeking an official refugee status, they have to go through many bureaucratic procedures, wait in long lines, go from cabinet to cabinet, etc. 

His other sister Sveta , her husband and three grandchildren stayed in the village in Zaporizhzhya region. Currently the area is occupied by the Russians. They had no power for almost two weeks. The last time Misha briefly talked with Sveta (she manages to catch a signal at a certain place on a hill from time to time), she said that their food supply should last for about a month. As of now they can’t go anywhere, can’t buy anything.  Her daughter Alla and her son-in-law who stayed in besieged Mariupol are still missing. We don’t know whether they are alive or dead, or whether they were taken to Russia.

Update 06/02

[This small fundraiser] is making a big difference, especially for Se sister Sveta’s family in Zaporizhzhya region. [Misha’s] niece and her husband survive the seige of Mariupil, humiliating ” filtration” and series of interrogations by the Russian occupying forces. Alla, who was arrested and went through four days of interrogations in Donetsk, finally made it to the village and reunited with their three children. There are still no occupiers in the village, but the whole region is occupied by the Russian and pro- Russian forces. Now it is all about survival for them for they are cut off from the outside world. There are people through who they have been able to get food and basic supplies, but the people are increasingly taking advantage of the situation, charging more and more money for their services. Also, the prices on everything increased at least three times. Now [Misha and his family] are figuring out how to find other reliable people who can get things to the village. The occupiers let people out if they are paid a hefty fee. [Misha’s] sister thinks that it is safer to stay in the village for now, but she also thinks now that it would be better for them to get out when it becomes possible.
[A part of the] money [went] to other relatives and friends who are in immediate need. [Misha] recently sent $ 500 towards a necessary foot surgery of [his] sister’s mother- in- law in Zaporizhzha. She was beyond grateful. The kind of invaluable help contributes to boosting their morale and sense of hope.