The Mystic Fool on The Tree of Life—with Eva Rider, MA, LMFT

he Tree of Life offers us a map and mandala for the soul’s journey to consciousness, meaning, and purpose in our polarized, changing world. The Archetypal Images of the Tarot’s Major Arcana serve as a guide through the alchemical changes that initiate us to reclaiming the Self. The Ancient Hermetic Tree of Life serves as a scaffolding and ladder for the archetypal Fool’s return journey to source along the winding and ascending Serpent Path. The Initiatory pathways of the twenty-two tarot cards of the major arcana symbolize and embody the masks we wear and the mirrors we encounter as we face the shadows in our changing and evolving selves. Exploring and dreaming into the archetypes represented by these “keys” reveals the alchemical processes that are embedded and alive in the Tree of Life and in our lives. The Fool is an apt symbol of the journeying Self in each of us. Our individual paths are unique, but we undergo initiations through the Collective that may lead us from folly to wisdom and transform the lead of unconsciousness into the Alchemical Gold of the Sage.

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