The Imperfect Observer —with Nolan Beck

Photographer Nolan Beck will share work and discuss how photography differs in its psychological comportment from other art forms. The plight of the creative photographer, who strives to convey figurative meaning through realistic records, is that of every human imparted with the “congenital wound” of consciousness. Developing a sacramental worldview, through photography and poetry, is a means of reconciling the dichotomies of observation/participation and

Charlotte Rose Reading Group: Atom and Archetype, the Pauli Jung Letters —with David Alexander, facilitator

We are beginning a new book! From the back cover of the book, “…Jung and Pauli discussed the nature of dreams and their relation to reality, finding surprising common ground between depth psychology and quantum physics and profoundly influencing each other’s work. This portrait of an incredible friendship will fascinate readers interested in psychology, science, creativity and genius.”

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