Legacy Series: James Hillman’s Revisioning Psychology —with Rev G.F. Kohn, PhD

In his seminal work Revisioning Psychology, James Hillman presents his Archetypal Psychology in the direction of “soul making.” Hillman is a major influence at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara where his archives are located. Our Legacy Series is a seminar study. Open discussion is encouraged as we work our way through the book. All are welcome to join our ongoing discussions of Hillman’s approach to depth psychology.

Dream Sculpting—with Lisa Maroski

We’ll use Robert Bosnak’s book A Little Course in Dreams to learn more techniques for working with our dreams.
Offer some of your dreams if you wish so that we can bring his suggestions to life.

Christianity, Existentialism, and Symbols of Transformation —with John Dotson

The term existentialism was prominent at the end of World War II into the 1960s—
with themes of despair and dread, the absurd, existence-precedes-essence, freedom,
intentionality, intersubjectivity, etc. Ideas such as these appear in a classic
book Christianity and Existentialism (1963), with essays titled “The Paradox and
Death of God” by William Earle and “The Absence of God” by James M. Edie. In the
final essay, “The Rebirth of the Divine,” John Wild concludes, “God may have died in
the mass culture of the nineteenth century. He may now be absent from us…. But as
he has returned in the past, so he may return again, but now making use of new
images and new symbols.” How may we visit these thoughts in 2020 as pandemic
and climate crisis bring forth urgent needs for living symbols? And as we hear Jung:
“Psychic development cannot be accomplished by intention and will alone; it needs
the attraction of the symbol. But the formation of a symbol cannot take place…until
the inner or outer necessities of the life-process have brought about a transformation
of energy.”

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