The English Woman, Nairobi 1925—with Gary Lowe

On November 12, 1925, a twenty-nine-year-old English woman disembarked the steamer Wangoni in Mombasa, Kenya, after twenty-eight days at sea. She was escorting her sister to be married in Nairobi, another 330 miles inland by train. Her chance encounter with Jung and two other gentlemen is the subject of tonight’s travelog about the adventures of three men and an English woman in search of…….

(“The Bugishu Psychological Expedition,” Jung: A Biography [2003] by Deirdre Bair)

The Dense Philosophy of Iain McGilchrist, Part 2—with Robert “Doc” Hall

In this session, we will attempt to deal with McGilchrist’s take on religion. The most readable sections on this are at the end of Appendix 7 and through Appendix 8, way at the end of The Matter with Things. The first issue is what is religion. Then in Appendix 8, he takes up four issues: 1) Scientists and religious belief. 2) Religious institutions and science. 3) Religion as brainwashing. And 4) Religious belief and the health of individuals and societies. After all this, he minimally deals with a global ideology, economic expansion as mass psychosis—which is Doc’s favorite fallout from such discussions.

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