Book Report Night

Three of our members, John, Pablo, and Saundra, will report on books that each of them has recently read and wishes to share. The books are—Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out? by Bill McKibben; Jean Baudrillard’s Fragments; and Michael Pollan’s bestselling How to Change Your Mind: What the new Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression and Transcendence. We will enjoy a general discussion after each presentation. We look forward to a lively literary evening for all.

Jung Legacy Series, Eric Neumann’s The Great Mother—with Saundra Salyer

Tonight we continue our reading of the essay “Woman as Mana Figure” and begin “Woman’s Experience of Herself and the Eleusinian Mysteries.” These ritual initiations into the underworld at Eleusis were stableover three millennia lasting into Roman times. How do we come to know this fundamental unconscious wisdom today, “a wisdom that is infinitely superior to the wisdom of man’s waking consciousness and that, as source of vision and symbol, of ritual and law, poetryand vision, intervenes, summoned or unsummoned, to save man and give direction to his life.” (p 330)

Complexes Workshop—with Lisa Maroski

Based on her recent presentation, Lisa will walk participants through steps of identifying the dynamics of her or his own complex of choice. Lisa is not a therapist, and this workshop will not be therapy. Participants must have attended Lisa’s presentation or listened to it online. Please RSVP to enroll.

Dream Sculpting—with Lisa Maroski

Lisa leads us in theatrical dream interpretation. In this popular series, we will dramatize dreams that participants bring to the session. Come with a dream or dream segment you wish to be acted out.

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