All Hallows’ Eve Gathering—with Grégory Brun

Calling all banshees, ghosts, and ghouls for an evening of discussion, candlelight reading, and storytelling! What does Halloween mean for you? How is this tradition relevant today? Join us to talk about the roles of rituals in society, the darkness within, the evils without, masks and possessions! This is a costumed open forum format.

*Note for the newcomers: Although McGowan house is haunted all year round, ghostly occurrences tend to be more frequent around the end of October. Visitors are usually directed to not stare at dark corners or pay too much attention to odd movements or noises coming from other rooms.

Dream Sculpting—with Lisa Maroski

Once again Lisa leads us in theatrical dream interpretation. In this popular series, we dramatize dream scenarios that participants offer. Come with a dream or dream segment you might wish to be acted out.

Thomas Mann’s The Coming Victory of Democracy —with Dr. Daniel Gurska

Dr. Thomas Mann, among the most popular writers of the 20th century, emigrated from his beloved Germany to the United States because of being exiled by the Nazis. Mostly known for his best-sellers—Buddenbrooks, The Magic Mountain, Death in Venice, Dr. Faustus—Mann also produced a wartime journalism legacy that deserves serious attention, now more than ever. Dr. Dan Gurska, mythologist and adjunct professor of interdisciplinary studies, presents Thomas Mann’s The Coming Victory of Democracy.

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