Wine: a Mindful Approach—with Grégory Brun

Wine is a cultural product anchored in history and deeply impacted by the places where it originates. In a globalized world, it has become central in the local movement, promising to be an “antidote to nowhereness.” Wine is also a vehicle for communion (religious or not). What is at play when we consume wine? Is there something beyond the complex sensory perceptions and the altering effect of alcohol? To apply some Jungian terminology, are some unconscious contents activated and projections at play while the “nectar of the gods” is consumed? This evening, we’ll challenge together the basics of wine tasting in an attempt to establish a renewed intimacy with the product and a dialogue that calls into question the object/subject relationship. Can wine tell us something about ourselves?

    A board director of the Monterey Friends of CG Jung, Grégory is also a French winemaker and photographer.

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