A New Theory of Time — with Lamont Williams

Based on his book The Greatest Source of Energy—A New Theory of time, Lamont Williams will describe a novel model that unites the Einsteinian view of time as a relative phenomenon with the Newtonian view of time as an absolute and universal phenomenon. He will show how this model of time can also help unite the fundamental forces of nature—gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong nuclear forces—and thereby set a framework for a Theory of Everything. He will connect the various aspects of the time model with facts and established theories about the universe, aiming to help close some gaps in our scientific knowledge. Answers will be suggested to mysteries such as why matter (as opposed to antimatter) predominates our universe, the fundamental nature of electric charge, and the origin of dark matter and dark energy. In all, a new view of energy will be provided that might help in our efforts to become a multiplanetary, interstellar species.

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