Art and Artificial Intelligence—facilitated by Robin Robinson

This evening, we’ll discuss the fascinating topic of AI’s impact on art. The art world has been forever transformed by the advent of sophisticated AI-driven image software. In fact, artists using AI for image creation have won significant juried shows in the last year, with judges completely unaware of the image origin. This has sparked a fascinating debate on the role of AI in the wider art industry.

We’ll delve into some of the most pressing questions surrounding this topic, such as how these AI-generated creations fit into our human experience of making art. We’ll also explore how we value images and image-making and consider whether certain methods or artists may become obsolete in the face of AI’s rise. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll explore the deeper meaning behind this disruption and what it tells us about who we are and why we create art. Through a showcase of AI-generated art examples and open discussion, we’ll seek to shed light on this fascinating and ever-evolving topic.

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