The Dense Philosophy of Iain McGilchrist, Part 1—with Robert “Doc” Hall

Many of us are reading McGilchrist’s tome, The Matter with Things: Our Brains, Our Delusions, and the Unmaking of the World, 28 chapters in all, and not designed to need reading front-to-back. We will concentrate only on Chapter 22, “Time,” which appears to a hinge point connecting the warm-up chapters on how we think to McGilchrist’s final chapters on the nature of reality and human values and purpose in life. Even Ch 22 bounces from one deep concept to another, so if we can address the opening dozen pages of it in one session, we will do well. What is time technologically, and what is it psychologically? (Right brain and left brain.) Doc will attempt to provide a copy of these pages for everyone to read before the meeting.

Robert “Doc” Hall is Prof Emeritus of Supply Chain Management, Indiana University, and spent a career promoting lean methods to managers who rarely understood either the human side of them, or the environmental fallout from them.

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