Transdisciplinarity: a method to interact and understand our place in the world —with Gregory Brun

In an increasingly complex world, and confronted with issues of planetary scale, it seems more and more difficult to find ground for collective actions that can deal effectively with the “Big Picture.” After “the death of God, the death of Man, the end of ideologies, and the end of History,” we find ourselves considering scientific knowledge as the only way to address the great challenges of our times. Objectivity has become the sole requisite for problem solving. Subjectivity, prerogative of the arts and humanities, is at best tolerated.

What is the price to pay for objective knowledge? What is the shadow side of a World of “Experts”? 

Helped by the writings of Basarab Nicolescu, theoreticalphysicist at the French National Center for Scientific Research, we’ll discuss the concept of Transdisciplinarity as “a new narrative, a new way to interact and understand our place in the world.” Tonight, by laying down Jung’s concept of transcending the opposites, Werner Heisenberg’s levels of reality, and Stephan Lupasco’s questioning of the tertium non datur principle, we’ll venture beyond the silos of modern knowledge


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