Book Launch Party for Embracing Paradox, Evolving Language —with Lisa Maroski

Tonight, we will finally celebrate the launch of Lisa’s second book. After a short introduction to it, we will toast to the forces of Synchronicity that finally allowed this book to be born. If you want, bring some food or drink to share.  Books will be available for purchase.  If you make a donation to […]

A Soul in Search—with Katherine

Katherine will emerge from her shell and share some of her quest for self-knowledge through her provocative artwork. This being a showing of original works that have been influenced by James Hillman’s ideas of soul making, polytheism, personifying, and a poetic basis of mind. The artworks are an exploration of the artist’s feelings about herself […]

The Earth Has a Soul: Jung on Nature, Technology & Modern Life

Given our inescapable awareness that the environmental crisis on Earth is deepening, we continue to consult Jung for his insights concerning Anima Mundi, the soul of the world. As he writes: “Nature, psyche, and life appear to me like divinity unfolded—what more could I ask for?” We continue readings from the anthology edited by Meredith Sabini: Chapter […]

Proprioception, an Evening of Dialogue—with Steven M. Rosen

Joining us from Vancouver tonight, Steve Rosen will describe and engage in conversation regarding proprioception, as he puts it, “a phenomenological reversal of the prevailing orientation of thinking.” Here is an abstract taken from Steve’s books Topologies of the Flesh (2006) and The Self-Evolving Cosmos (2008): The task of thinking is to think proprioceptively. We […]

The Collective Unconscious—Talk-Circle

What is your feeling about the collective unconscious? While Jung is widely known for his hypothesis, his meaning seems generally to be misunderstood. A sense of Jung’s actual usages of this term feels urgently needed for us in 2024, nearly a quarter of the way through the 21st century, as we find ourselves living out […]

The Hermetic Roots of Jung’s Undiscovered Self—with Mervat Nasser, MD, MPhil

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung                                        Jung is perhaps one of the most Hermetic/Gnostic thinkers of our era.  He wrote about the Nag Hammadi Hermetic scripture, Zosimos’s visions, and the influence that Paracelsus and Goethe had on him. Although Jung is known as a […]

Death, the Concept —with Eileen Murphy, MD

My presentation is on the concept death and the various ways Western philosophers, artists and, more recently, AI researchers have explored it. The idea of death has been trending. Many people are convinced that with the inevitable merging of humans with Artificial Intelligence, a superhuman creature who is deathless will come to be. No more death! This shocking possibility […]

Jung on Personality—Talk-Circle

Tonight, all are invited to share our various points of view about human personality. Many powers are converging to mutilate—but also to enhance the development of—our personalities. What is the meaning of an authentic, genuine, human personality? Is this question being raised in Silicon Valley C-suites? The achievement of personality means nothing less than the […]