Polarities—with Lisa Maroski

Most of how we experience our world is in terms of polarities, from simple ones like light/dark and good/bad to more complex ones like mission/margin. Persons and organizations can achieve greater balance by managing the polarities inside of which they operate to avoid swinging from one extreme to another. This hands-on session will help you identify the main polarities in your life and show you how to manage them to produce a virtuous spiral towards a higher purpose.

Artistic Monterey, the Bohemian Days—with Dick Crispo

What was it like to be an artist here back when it was an artist’s colony? When artists came after the SF Earthquake for $5 down and $5 a month? Did you know the first show of California Art was at the Del Monte Hotel? Artist, teacher, ethnologist and historian, Dick is a Monterey Peninsula Institution. He has exhibited his paintings internationally, earning thirty-six awards, seventy-eight one-person shows, and is represented in over thirty public collections. Come listen to his stories of our artistic enclave which continues to this day.

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