Jung Legacy Series: James Hillman’s Revisioning Psychology —with Rev G.F. Kohn, PhD

In his seminal work Revisioning Psychology, James Hillman presents his Archetypal Psychology in the direction of “soul making.” Hillman is a major influence at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara where his archives are located. The Legacy Series is a seminar study. Open discussion is encouraged as we work our way through the book. All are welcome to join our ongoing discussions of Hillman’s approach to depth psychology.

The Profound Social Community Influence of Cannery Row’s Caretaker Edward F. Ricketts—with Wes Stillwagon

In the novel Cannery Row, John Steinbeck describes

…a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream. Cannery Row is the gathered and scattered, tin and iron and rust and splintered wood, chipped pavement and weedy lots and junk heaps, sardine canneries of corrugated iron, honky-tonks, restaurants and whore houses, and little crowded groceries, and laboratories and flophouses.

The book offers a heart-warming story of a well-planned, lovingly tended social flower-garden, with important lessons to be learned about individual maturity, functional styles, and attitudes. In the mid-90s I was walking on Cannery Row with my friend Jim Kent, who mentioned that his organization operates with an assumption that even within relaxed political structures and casual social networks, individuals gravitate to specific roles. I have applied Jim’s description of the “Caretaker” role to a study Ed Ricketts as an example of an individual working selflessly, without an inflated ego, with exceptional effectiveness and social responsibility.

Wes Stillwagon is a retired Training Manager and instructional
designer who worked for RCA, Pennsylvania Electric, Loral
Electronic Systems, Honeywell, ATT, New Jersey Blue Cross
and Blue Shield, and KPMG Peat Marwick. He was a training
manager for a large Job Corp center in New Jersey. Earlier, Wes was an Electronics Technician in the US Navy on the USS Hornet. He has independently studied the works of Jung since about 1964 and is a Steinbeck scholar.

Atom and Archetype, the Pauli Jung Letters —with David Alexander

Jung and Pauli discussed the nature of dreams and their relation to reality, finding surprising common ground between depth psychology and quantum physics and profoundly influencing each other’s work. This portrait of an incredible friendship will fascinate readers interested in psychology, science, creativity and genius. All are welcome to join our ongoing discussions.

Wildlife, Wild Soul, and Dream Animals —with Andrea Wells

Just because you have a dream animal doesn’t mean you can forget
about the real animal.
— James Hillman
Andrea Wells’ life-long love of animals in addition to her decades long relationship with Dream animals carries her to Africa every year for two months in the bush asa wildlife conservation boots-on- ground volunteer. She has beenexploring and writing about the
threat to our own inner wildness as directly related to the threat of wild animals and the ecological grief that runs deep within the psyche. She looks forward to a wild conversation!

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