Transference in Analysis—with Lisa Maroski

Transference, the Therapeutic Relationship, and Transformation in Therapy. In this video, Murray Stein and Mario Jacoby examine the deepening stages in long-term therapy and the interplay between the conscious and the unconscious of both therapist and client. This seminar includes an intimate conversation with Dr. Jacoby, now in his 80s, who shares personal stories as an analyst. Group discussion will follow.

Book Report Night

This evening’s event will be something different. Four members will report on books that each of them has recently read and enjoyed. John, Jeff, Saundra and Gregory will talk for twenty minutes each. Book topics include: Jung & Germany; the life of Toni Wolff; mandalas and the feminine; and Dionysus. We will enjoy a general discussion after the presentations. We look forward to a lively literary evening for all.

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