Psyche and Earth: a Relationship in Crisis

Sponsored by the Jungian International Training Zurich Foundation, the annual Civilization in Transition conference features one of our members, Jeffrey Kiehl.

“We are in the midst of unfolding chaos in the world and are in need of meaningful approaches to work with and through the chaos that surrounds us, approaches that integrate scientific understanding with spiritual experience. This conference offers opportunities for such integration. I encourage all those seeking to find meaning within our chaotic world to participate in the conference on “Psyche and Earth,” and to rediscover ways to move from chaos to order.”

Jeffrey Kiehl, PhD, Jungian Analyst

For more details on this event:

November 4–7, 2021
Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Alchemical Tree: Alchemical Correspondences in IndividuationThrough the Hermetic Tree of Life—with Eva Rider

The Hermetic Tree of Life is a mandala and visual map offering a glimpse into alchemical processes that illuminate Jung’s individuation processes. The Tree links the worlds of astrology and alchemy incorporating above, so below, inner and outer, masculine and the feminine, force and form, involution and evolution. The 17th century alchemical diagrams of the Azoth, such as that of Basil Valentine, depicts these transmutations in alchemy via Mercury, the animating spirit hidden in matter. Joining these two systems enables a multidimensional view into its heart linking cosmos, psyche, and matter through the journey from prima materia to philosopher’s stone. This presentation will explore these correspondences via the Sephiroth on the Tree and the Azoth with an emphasis on the astrological and elemental correspondences they represent. With the aid of image and symbol, we follow the winged feet of Mercurius into the mysteries of transformation from Spirit into Matter.

Recruitment Vulnerability—with Dave Zuckerman, PhD

Why do so many young people, mostly young men, join violent groups around the world? Is it a bad gene? Are they just plain evil? Were there clues or signs that everyone missed? Are there predictive traits or behaviors? In this talk, Dr. Dave Zuckerman presents a model he has developed over the past fifteen years that indicates heightened vulnerability to terrorist recruitment. While the model does not guarantee that someone will (or won’t) become a terrorist, it uses both established and novel social science constructs to indicate an increased chance of susceptibility to recruitment into extremist groups. 

Dave Zuckerman is a Fulbright Scholar who holds the rank of Professor of Communication Studies at California State University, Sacramento. He has studied and taught about terrorism to civilian and military audiences across the USA and Europe, and has worked with the law enforcement and security community for over twenty years. Dave has published studies of terrorism in Belfast and of Al-Qaeda’s English-language recruitment in the West. Dave is a former president of the International Jean Gebser Society, has spoken to the Monterey Friends of C.G. Jung, and presented at the joint conference of the Monterey Friends of C.G. Jung and the International Jean Gebser Society in 2019. Dave has been a visiting professor in Canada, Finland, China, and Taiwan, and is currently involved in a degree completion program for students incarcerated in California’s state prisons.

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