Truth, Love, Lobsters, and Revivifying the Father: An Introduction to Jordan B. Peterson—with Shane Cawelti

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a Canadian psychologist, author, and professor at the University of Toronto, and in 2016 he became involved in the political arena after releasing a series of YouTube videos. Professor Peterson teaches two classes at the U of T, “Maps of Meaning,” and “Personality and its Transformations,” where he lectures with great conviction and clarity on mythology, belief, ideology, the connection between religion and science, meaning, morality, the state, and the individual. In his class that shares its title with his book, Maps of Meaning, Peterson endeavors to show what happened in the conflicts of the 20th century and to educate students about the role they play in the destiny of society, as well as to understand what the individual can do to avoid the temptations of hopeless nihilism on the one hand, and totalitarianism on the other. Among his influences Carl Jung is prominent, and the perspective of Depth Psychology figures heavily. Shane Cawelti will present an overview of Peterson’s work and ideas, exploring the importance of individual choice, honesty, authenticity, and the revivification of the father.

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