The Alchemical Tree: Alchemical Correspondences in IndividuationThrough the Hermetic Tree of Life—with Eva Rider

The Hermetic Tree of Life is a mandala and visual map offering a glimpse into alchemical processes that illuminate Jung’s individuation processes. The Tree links the worlds of astrology and alchemy incorporating above, so below, inner and outer, masculine and the feminine, force and form, involution and evolution. The 17th century alchemical diagrams of the Azoth, such as that of Basil Valentine, depicts these transmutations in alchemy via Mercury, the animating spirit hidden in matter. Joining these two systems enables a multidimensional view into its heart linking cosmos, psyche, and matter through the journey from prima materia to philosopher’s stone. This presentation will explore these correspondences via the Sephiroth on the Tree and the Azoth with an emphasis on the astrological and elemental correspondences they represent. With the aid of image and symbol, we follow the winged feet of Mercurius into the mysteries of transformation from Spirit into Matter.

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