Bloomsday Eve: Here Comes Everybody—Elizabeth Wrightman and John Dotson

Devotees of James Joyce observe Bloomsday, June 16, as a feast day. We will prepare with Joyce and Jung—and Marshall McLuhan too.

Like every true prophet, the artist is the unwitting mouthpiece of the psychic secrets of his time and is often as unconscious as a sleepwalker. … I had an uncle whose thinking was always to the point. One day he stopped me on the street and asked, ‘Do you know how the devil tortures the souls in hell?’ When I said no, he declared, ‘He keeps them waiting.’ … This remark occurred to me when I was ploughing through Ulysses for the first time. —Jung

Why is Jung so rude to me? He doesn’t even know me. —Joyce

Joyce could see no advantage in our remaining locked up in each cultural cycle as in a trance or dream. He discovered the means of living simultaneously in all cultural modes while quite conscious. —McLuhan

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