Conversational Relating: A Practice of Spiritual Growth—with Rafael Flies

I will present the Governing Dynamics, Key Activities and Requisite Disciplines of my own Practice. I am a 75-year-old immigrant from Chile. By way of my worldly background, I have been a CPA, Management Consultant, Chief Financial Officer, and full time Stock Market Speculator for my own account.

The most important Spiritual lessons of this incarnation have transpired over the combined ten years of my last fourteen years of life. During said time I had the honor of tending to the body and soul of two dying wives—Mary Ann and Bobbie. Mary Ann was a brilliant Computer Scientist for Hewlett Packard. We were married for twenty-nine years, until March of 2012, when at the age of 58, she succumbed to brain cancer. Bobbie was a wise and spiritual woman. She mastered the earthly challenges of being an unconditionally loving and unconditionally forgiving wife to the likes of me. We had been husband and wife for over ten years, when at the age of 86, she left her body this January of 2023.

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