The Shadow Work of Robert Eggers: The Lighthouse —facilitated by Gregory Brun

Film night

“O what Protean forms swim up from men’s minds, and melt in hot Promethean plunder, scorching eyes, with divine shames and horror… And casting them down to Davy Jones. The others, still blind, yet in it see all the divine graces and to Fiddler’s Green sent, where no man is suffered to want or toil, but is… Ancient… Mutable and unchanging as the she who girdles ’round the globe. Them’s truth.”

With this art-house film, Robert Eggers offers a terrifying
shadow work on Power and Masculinity. As a journey
through the Depths, The Lighthouse is not for every
sensibility and may be very disorientating. On the other
hand, the film opens a window on rich archetypal materials. In Jung’s words, “the meeting between the individual consciousness and the vast expanse of the collective unconscious is dangerous, because the unconscious has a decidedly disintegrating effect on consciousness.”

After a private projection on Wednesday, those who want to take on this psychological tour de force will be invited to share their impressions, the following day, in the format of a guided discussion. It is also possible to watch the movie on your own (available on all main streaming platforms) in preparation for the Thursday discussion. Trigger warning: physical violence / abuse

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